It’s a good time for the great taste of Pat and Stick’s

The months have melted from summer into winter so it’s time to come up and breathe – phew!

For the first time ever, Pat and Stick’s is going to be spreading the ice cream sandwich gospel at the upcoming Good Food and Wine Shows in Melbourne, Sydney and later in the year, Brisbane. There will be lots of sampling going down, and our infamous Hot Chocolate will be making a special guest appearance for the punters. Make sure you stop on by!

Meanwhile, we’re stoked that Ben and Elvis from Porteno asked us to be part of a night they’re hosting on June 3rd at The Vanguard in Newtown “A Whole Hog of Shakin Goin On”. We’ve developed with the boys a special ice cream sandwich just for the occasion which includes a menu of pork favs by Ben and Elvis. Awesome stuff.

We’ve also been busy in the kitchen concocting some new flavour combos as of late. Now for the hard part – deciding what to release. We’ll keep you all posted with an update soon…