What’s the secretof good
ice cream?

The world's best ice cream sandwiches

The original world-famous frozen treat, made right here in Australia since 2004. Nine classic flavours to choose from.
Ice Cream Sandwich Salted Caramel crop

Presenting The Chewy

The next evolution of Pat and Stick's. More fun than fancy. More chewy than crispy.
pat and sticks - vegan


We've gone Vegan! Some of our classic ice cream sandwiches are now also Vegan.
Pat and Stick's Cookie Chips

Mini Cookie Chips

Satisfyingly crispy!


Meet our most hardworking team member: the Pat and Stick’s freezer, loaded and ready at a store near you.

Can’t find one?

Pat and Stick's Freezer

Straight from the scoop


Here’s a picture of us, painting our first kitchen back in the day. The tall and the short of it.

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Recipes, Hacks and other ways to enjoy Pat & Stick’s