The Sandwich

Made from scratch each week, these are Australia’s best ice cream sandwiches. A lush medley of all-natural ice cream, authentic flavours and Pat and Stick’s famous handmade cookies.

Quality control With Pat & stick's

So who are Pat & Stick

It’s a question we’re constantly asked. Are Pat and Stick real? Do they look like the guys in the logo? Can we meet them?

The answer is yes, yes and hold on a sec. Pat and Stick really did launch their old-fashioned ice cream sandwiches in 2004, after quitting their day jobs to work full-time on the frozen confections. Which were already a foodie cult item.

Today, Pat and Stick are joined by a big and growing team. Quality controllers, packers, mixers, bakers and admin staff help get the goods out each week

They’re a tad publicity-shy, but sometimes make unexpected appearances on our social channels throughout the year.

The Scoop

Authenticity in every mouthful.

At Pat and Stick’s Homemade Ice Cream Co, we love a little ritual with our ice cream.

And that means great serving pieces, like this classic mess-free aluminium scoop. Okay, free product plug here – it’s from Zeroll.

Our Brand Promise

Pat and Stick’s Homemade Ice Cream Co is made right here in Australia. With this many fans, we’re proud of an unwavering brand promise that’s stood true since we started in 2004:

Real ice cream, made from real sugar, eggs and cream, and free of unauthentic bulking agents.

Genuine flavours, ethically sourced from quality-minded food producers.

Great feelings, because we treat our staff, stockists, suppliers and distributors like they’re part of our family. Which they are.

And standout quality, because it’s the right thing to do.